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What Happens If You Cancel Your Order?

Orders Placed Thirty (30) Days or More In Advance: If by chance, you are unable to keep your  advanced scheduled order, please provide me with ample time prior to cancelling your order. At least 30 days notice will be required, in order to provide you with a 80% store credit or *refund.

*Refunds are dependant upon special circumstance, such as natural disasters or situations beyond your control (COVID, death in the family, natural disaster, etc.)

Orders Placed Less Than 30 Days in Advance: Orders canceled within 2-3 weeks of the pick-up/delivery date will not receive a refund. It is an extreme inconvenience to cancel at this point, as ingredients, supplies, etc., have already been paid for by now. Moving your pick-up/delivery date at the last minute is considered a cancellation. 

If for any reason the cancellation policy is confusing and further clarification is needed, please feel free to shoot me an email! 

Cancellation Policy: About Us
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