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How Do I Retrieve My Order?

Kiabell's Sweet Confections L.L.C. is a local Atlanta home-based bakery. At this time Kiabell's does not ship outside of the state of Georgia. All orders must be picked up at a mutually agreed upon location settled by the buyer and Kiabell's Sweet Confections L.L.C. This is especially important if you live outside of the Metro Atlanta Area. If you reside outside of the Metro Atlanta area, I suggest having your order mailed. Please factor in the cost of shipping when placing your order; what's more, please consider the length of time it will take for USPS to mail your package when settling for a "need by" date. This may affect your event if planned incorrectly. 

Changing Your Pick-Up Time/Location:

Due to a tight schedule, please refrain from changing your pick-up date/time at the last minute as this will negatively impact other customers. If you absolutely must change the location for pick-up, please send me an emergency email at least 2 days before the original pick-up date/time. 

Kiabell's Sweet Confection's L.L.C. will contact the customer prior to pick-up with a location that is mutually convenient for both the consumer and KSC.

Do you offer shipping?:

For items purchased 60+ miles outside of the metro Atlanta area, shipping is strongly suggested. Please note, we cannot ship cakes with frostings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Kiabell's Sweet Confections L.L.C. is not responsible for lost or late packages.

Delivery & Pick-Up Info: About
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