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Custom Luxury Sugar Cookies

Custom Luxury Sugar Cookies

SKU: 126351351935

Looking for a dessert that provides a wow factor to your special event? Or are you looking for an edible work of art to treat yourself? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then customized sugar cookies are perfect for you! My customized sugar cookies are sure to be a conversation piece no matter the occasion.


Sugar cookies are decorated using royal icing or can be customized to be decorated with vegan royal icing. Kiabell's customized sugar cookies come in several flavors and three design categories. Due to the complexity of designing and decorating custom cookies, please note that all custom cookie orders must be placed at least 2 to 2.5 weeks prior to any scheduled event. Additional colors, cookie flavors, shapes, airbrushing, metallic coloring, 3-D decor, detailed piping, flowers, and writing will also affect the pricing of your final product. Finished cookies are individually bagged and heat sealed for freshness and boxed in a custom bakery box.


PLEASE read the section below in its entirety! I cannot stress this enough! 


Design Packages:

Tier 1 - Basic Design Package: The basic design package (per dozen) includes 1-3 cookie cutter shapes, 1-3 cookie design choices. 1-3 colors. Cookies will be between 3-4 inches. Can choose up to 2 cookie dough flavors per order. Can be altered from regular-sized cookies to minis (depending on availability).

Tier 2 - Detailed Design Package: The detailed design package (per dozen) includes 3-5 cookie cutter shapes, up to 4 optional cookie designs, 1-4 icing colors,  very minimal piping, airbrushing, writing, minimal character design, social media icons design, or florals. May contain fondant or molding chocolate edible accents. Cookies sizes will range between 3.4 - 5 inches. Can choose up to 3 cookie dough flavors per order.

Tier 3 - Elaborate Design Package: The elaborate design package (per dozen) includes 4-8 cookie cutter shapes, 2-6 icing colors, hand-cut shapes, up to 6 unique designs, airbrushing, edible foils, a trademark character inspired design, metallic/watercolor design (if requested), custom writing, and fondant/molding chocolate/royal icing accents. Cookies sizes will range between 3.5 - 5 inches and will contain the highest level of detailed decorating available. Can choose up to 5 cookie dough flavors per dozen. **


Cookie Minis:  Not a fan of large cookies? My cookie minis are perfect for the mini cookie lover! Minis are perfect as gifts to pass around at work, school, church, etc. They're the perfect bite-sized gift for those you love. Cookie minis are priced per dozen. Can choose up to 2 cookie flavors per order. Not available in "detailed" or "elaborate" design packages. Designs will be minimal, please indicate what colors or designs you will prefer for your order. Mini cookie cutters will be available in basic shapes such as hearts, squares, circles, and floral shapes. 


Tic-Tac-Toe Cookie Game Board: This adorable cookie game board comes with a 5" x 5" plaque, 1" letter "x", and a 1" "heart". Cookie flavors available for this specialty item are dutch chocolate, vanilla bean, vanilla almond, and vanilla lemon essence. 


For cookie flavors, please see the "product info" box below. Please include cookie flavors in the "custom" text box to be included with your order.


** IMPORTANT!! To ensure accuracy, please review the "Additional Info" sections before confirming your order. Licensed character requests are unavailable due to licensing fees, legal fees, etc. However, I am able to create designs inspired by licensed characters (ex: Disney characters, youtube characters, social media, sports teams, etc.)


**Due to inflation, prices are subject to change. Please ensure you have budgeted properly to account for the cost of goods, plus delivery/or shipping**


    Each cookie is custom made to order, hence the importance of planning ahead and placing orders weeks in advance. Rush orders will be charged an additional $25. Packages are priced per dozen.

    Cookies icing will be made with royal icing unless otherwise specified. 

    Permanent Cookie Dough Flavors:

    • Basic Vanilla Sugar Cookie: No thrills, traditional, buttery sugar cookie
    • Chai Spice: The glorious warm taste of chai tea in cookie form! Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg complete this wonderfully scented cookie flavor. Pairs perfectly with vanilla icing.
    • Dutch Chocolate: strong brownie flavor, absolutely delicious
    • Death By Chocolate: dutch chocolate with chocolate chips
    • Cream Cheese Vanilla Bean: soft, sweet, and perfect! This recipe is a slightly modified version of Borderlands Bakery recipe
    • Vanilla Lemon Essence: enhanced with lemon zest
    • Vanilla Almond: light, sweet, classic sugar cookie with the kiss of almond flavor
    • Dark Brown Sugar: rich, warm, and buttery and #1 flavor sold
    • Light Brown Sugar: buttery, rich, shortbread flavor
    • Funfetti Rainbow Sprinkles: colorful, light, and fun! Classic sugar cookie peppered with bright rainbow sprinkles. Kids love it!
    • Vanilla Bean: robust vanilla flavor, heavy on the vanilla specks
    • Salted Caramel: rich caramel flavor, buttery
    • Cookies N' Cream: yummy cookies and cream flavored; contains crushed chocolate wafers
    • Chocolate Chip: please note that this cookie will have a slightly bumpy texture due to chocolate chips
    • Snickerdoodle: cinnamon and sugar dipped sugar cookie
    • Lavender Vanilla Bean: spring taste in a cookie! Contains lavender buds, which can be omitted by request
    • Honey: The sweetness of honey enveloped in a sweet, and crispy sugar cookie.

    FALL/AUTUMN FLAVORS (September - February)

    •  Traditional Pumpkin Spice: Traditional pumpkin spiced cookies for the lover of all things pumpkin spice. If you want the flavors of autumn, but not too powerful, this cookie is perfect for you. 
    •  Pumpkin Spice Toffee: For the cookie lover who loves pumpkin spice-flavored treats but with sass! These pumpkin spiced toffee cookies are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 
    •  Spiced Gingerbread: Nothing brings back warm holiday memories than the smell of gingerbread! Bring the taste of the holidays home with cinnamon-spiced gingerbread sugar cookies. The ultimate ode to the holidays!
    •  Toasty Smores!: What kid can resist the taste of toasted marshmallows, sandwiched between melty chocolate and graham crackers?! They're sure to make these smores flavored cookies a part of their annual Christmas wish list. 
    •  Butter Pecan: Who says butter pecan is just for ice cream? The taste of browned butter, toasted pecans, and warm brown sugar is sugar to make guests beg for more. Bring this classic southern flavored treat home for the holidays. 
    •  Cardamom Spiced Cookies: Cardamom, a strong, pungent spice apart of the ginger family, is the perfect addition to any spiced dessert. If you're looking for a bold, but different spiced flavor, cardamom-spiced sugar cookies will certainly get the job done. 
    •  Vanilla Spiced: Are the other seasonal flavors too strong for your liking? Don't fret, I have you covered. Vanilla spiced sugar cookies are heavy on the vanilla, but light on the spice (cinnamon, cardamom, and a smidge of nutmeg), just enough to add warmth to your holiday baked goods. 
    •  Christmas Spiced: Allspice, cinnamon, and ginger enveloped in the warmth of brown sugar and buttery goodness of butter and vanilla. Sound good? Well, Christmas spiced cookies are sure to win you over. Paired with my vanilla royal icing, and you have a winning, Christmasy combination. 
    •  Apple Pie: Traditionally, apple pie is enjoyed in pastry form, filled with warm, gooey apple filling. Why not enjoy the same taste, but in a more travel-friendly, less gooey format? Look no further, apple pie flavored cookies made with real apples, will have you begging for more. I wonder if the royal icing paired with royal icing, tastes like apple pie ala mode? Hmmmm....
    •  Chai Spiced: Ahhh, next to hot cocoa, chai spiced is my favorite beverage in the fall (I love it iced in the summer). Comprised of four different pungent spices, these cookies are the boldest of the bunch! 
    •  Marshmallow Hot Cocoa: How can one introduce seasonal flavors without adding hot cocoa filled with marshmallowy goodness? Last but certainly not least, hot cocoa sugar cookies bursting with chocolate chips and marshmallows are an amazing addition to the list.


    I hope that you will enjoy your purchase!  However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, store credit (of up to 40% of the original purchase price) or a partial refund can be issued dependent on the circumstance. Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, we cannot accept exchanges.



    Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot ship outside of Georgia. Orders can be shipped locally, delivered (limited delivery areas), or picked up in person.

    Delivery fee where applicable. Please refer to the "delivery rates" page for additional information.

    IMPORTANT:  Please note, frosted cakes, cupcakes, and pies cannot be shipped at this time. 



    Due to the complexity of custom designer cookies, scheduling ahead is key. To successfully fulfill your custom designer cookies order, please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance. Orders placed less than 2 weeks in advance will not be fulfilled. 

    Orders are not guaranteed. If I am unable to fulfill orders for whatever reason, customers will be notified via email, ASAP.


    Please visit the "Cancellation Policy" section for more information regarding cancellation of orders by customers. 

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