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Design Tips for Custom Designed Cookies

Ok, so you want to order cookies for a special occasion. You seek out your local cookier and begin discussing your order -- then-- suddenly you have hit a creative wall. It happens to the best of us, even to the cookie maker themselves! Why does our brain shut down when the cookier asks "Ok, what designs would you like?" If this has ever happened to you, then I have a few tips to offer that may assist you with the process.

Tip One: Ensure that you are aware of your price range before contacting a cookier. Some cookiers charge more, while others are more budget-friendly. Just be aware that the higher the cost, most likely the better the quality of the cookie design. Basic designs are just that -- basic. Nothing more, nothing less. Be prepared to pay more if you want a fancier, showstopper cookie.

Tip Two: Does your event have a color scheme? If so, does it matter if your cookies match the scheme? This can affect what designs to seek from your cookier. Are the cookies for someone special? Think of incorporating their favorite color, TV show, snack food item, video game, etc. If the cookies are for a specific holiday, think of the images that most remind you of that holiday. Shamrocks for St. Patty's, flowers for Valentine's Day, winter-themed clothing for Christmas.

Tip Three: When in doubt, GOOGLE it! Google always helps when it comes to jump-starting your creative juices. Keep in mind, in the cookier world we frown down upon those who steal designs without giving proper credit. Your cookier will most likely recreate their own version of cookie ideas to avoid this blunder. This brings me to my next tip...

Tip Four: Pinterest! Use it to your advantage, because Pinterest is EVER-REE-THING! Pinterest can give you ideas on color palettes, design ideas, etc. The ideas are limitless on Pinterest, so use this tool while you can. You know, before Facebook decides to buy it and ruin it. Lol!

I hope these ideas can ease the stress of creating design ideas for your next cookie order! Happy snacking!

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