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Limited Edition Spring/Summer Cookie Flavors

If you couldn't tell by now, spring is on the way! While the weather hasn't necessarily caught up, one can bet that the warmth of spring will appear sooner - rather than later.

To usher in the beauty that is spring, I am pleased to announce my seasonal lineup of flavors for spring/summer. But, just like the fall and Christmas flavors, these seasonal offerings are available for a limited time only! If you have any flavors you'd like to see featured in future flavor offerings, drop me a line, you never know which flavor will end up being apart of my permanent flavor offerings.

Without further ado, feast your eyes upon these exciting seasonal flavors! Each one is more unique than the next.

Rich Raspberry: Tart and tangy raspberries are the dominant flavors of this summer/spring flavor.

Sweet Strawberry: the essence of strawberries envelope this sweet, buttery dough. What screams summer more than juicy, ripe strawberries?

Strawberry Lemonade: tart, and sweet strawberry lemonade flavored cookies that are sure to surprise you.

Cherry Chocolate Chip: think of cherry cordials but in cookie form!

Sweet Georgia Peach: imagine the yummy, juiciness of Georgia peaches! A perfect summer addition to your summer treats.

Georgia Peach Cobbler: warm, cinnamony, and buttery cookie. Perfect year-round.

Classic Lemon: lemon shines alone with this cookie flavor.

Caramel Macchiato: rich, caramel coffee cookies. When paired with royal icing, I'd imagine the taste reminds you of an iced caramel macchiato latte from your favorite coffee shop.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: the richness of peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip rolled into one.

Not sure of which flavor you want to try next? No worries, each custom-designed sugar cookie package offers an option to include multiple flavors. This way, you can sample a new flavor with each order. Some flavors may be on your normal rotation of cookie orders, while others may not. So be bold, and daring! Try something new today!

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