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Product Reviews: A Baker's Take (Part One)

Hi Everyone! Shout out to this being my first blog post, with more to come, hopefully,

First, I want to begin the first entry to my series of baking product reviews. This week, I'm focusing on the edible ink markers that I use to decorate my cookies. Most people tend to use Rainbow Dust Food Art brand pens to add fine lines and details to dried royal icing cookies. This brand comes in multiple colors that I love to use to draw images, words, etc. Typically, I use the double-sided version of these pens as it has an option of using a thin side or thick-ended portion of the pen. The ink from the pens is food grade and vegetarian, an added bonus. I love that they come in several colors as well, however, my personal favorite black edible food art pen comes from

Tweets Cookie Connection is by far my favorite black edible ink pen because the pen doesn't dig into the royal icing, and it doesn't smudge once dried. The only complaint I have is the pen is only available in black -- a minor complaint at best.

So, if you are in the market for awesome edible ink pens, I personally recommend Rainbow Dust pens for multicolor needs, and Tweets Cookie Connection if you are in need of a high-quality black edible pen.

Tweets Cookie Connection pens can be purchased by following this link:

Rainbow Dust Food Pens can be purchased from multiple locations: local craft stores, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.


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